Starting the 1st week of October 2010, the trash pick-up in the Villages will be handled by the Town of Queen Creek. For most of you, the trash pick up fees will be included in your water bill. Homeowners who have H2O as their water company will receive a separate bill from the Town for your trash pick-up.

If your present trash hauler is Waste Management the last day they will pick up trash is Tuesday, September 28, 2010. After the last pick-up you should leave your EMPTY green container at the curb to be picked-up by Waste Management between Wednesday, Sept. 29th and Friday, Oct. 1st. Waste Management will charge a $75.00 fee for any unrecovered containers.

Homeowners who are here seasonally will need to contact Waste Management to schedule the pick-up of your container when you return to the Villages. You will not need to call Waste Management to cancel service.

If you use a different trash hauler you must cancel your service and make arrangements with that company for the pick-up of your present container.

The new trash pick-up day for everyone will be Wednesdays for both trash and recycling. Bulk pick-up is being offered on the 2nd Wednesday of the month...YOU MUST CALL TO SCHEDULE FOR BULK PICK-UP.

For any questions about the new trash and recycling program please call the Town at 480-358-3450 or visit their web-site at